Hello citizens of CantylopesVille! What's that? You don't even know what CantylopesVille is? well that's too bad, you're in it now.

This is my little corner of the internut I like to call Zunra's Laboratories! Because my name is Zunra, and this is my lab. I swear I have an internet permit.
There really isn't a main theme for this page, I just do whatever I want and add whatever I want and whatnot. It's really just a page for me to comfortably express myself. Although i'll mostly be talking about fictional robots/AI so I guess that can kind of give you an idea?

Although my name is technically Zunra, its also Floppy! And a multitude of other things people don't usually call me. Most people just call me Floppy, though you're free to call me whatever you want.

some other info about me...

I'm a minor (-16), My birthday is on May 16th, i go by she/her (preferably not they/them please!), I love drawing, robots (obviously), writing and theatre!

☀blah blah blah